Energy costs are going up by 54% in April 2022 (with a further increase in October 2022).

You may have already reviewed your household energy, but if not here are a few top tips to help you:-

  • Controls:- The following parts could help you save money considerably
    • TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves):- fit to each radiator.
    • Programmer:- Review your timings & settings each season (Spring/ Summer/ Autumn/ Winter)
    • Room Thermostat (eg a load compensating thermostat, or a weather compensating Controller). Try reducing this to a setting you are comfortable with.
    • Boiler Temperature: – Try turning the temperature down to 50/60 degrees.
  • Condensing Boiler:- Boilers pre-2005 are not condensing, and are more expensive to run.
  • Radiators:- They need to be sized/ calculated correctly for each room.

You can always consider putting-on an extra layer before turning the thermostat up! Turns out you can wear a Christmas Jumper any time of the year….nobody checks!