On Valentines Day

Share the love this Valentines Day……….with your boiler!

Love your boiler and it will love you back!

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue.

Quick call ‘G20’,

To check-out your Flue!

Valentines Day is a great day to remember to book an Annual Boiler Service.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!…..hope that it’s filled with ‘warmth’ and romance!



Xmas Opening Times (2017)

Our Christmas opening hours are:


Thu 21 – OPEN

Fri   22 – CLOSED

Mon 25 – CLOSED

Tue  26 – CLOSED

Wed 27 – CLOSED

Thu  28 – CLOSED

Fri    29 – CLOSED

[Sat & Sun we are closed anyway]

JANUARY 2018:-

Mon 1 – CLOSED

Tue  2 – CLOSED

We are open again on:  Wednesday  3 January 2018.


Hope you have a lovely Christmas!




Gas Safety Week (18 – 24 Sept 2017)

Did you know about Gas Safety Week?

This is an annual event, aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of all aspects of gas safety…..and perhaps a reminder to ask yourself:

When did I last have my boiler etc serviced?”

(To arrange a service on your gas appliances, please contact G20 Gas Services)



For more information about Gas Safety Week, please go to:  www.GasSafeRegister.co.uk/gassafetyweek/