On Valentines Day

Share the love this Valentines Day..........with your boiler! Love your boiler and it will love you back! "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Quick call 'G20', To check-out your Flue!" Valentines Day is a great day to remember to book an Annual Boiler Service. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!.....hope that it's filled with 'warmth' and romance!    

Gas Safety Week (17 – 23 September 2018)

This is an annual event, to remind you of the importance of gas safety. “Have you had YOUR boiler etc serviced in the last 12 months?” All gas appliances should be checked by a registered Gas Engineer, on a regular basis.  Alarmingly, the 'Gas Safe Register' identified that there were more dangerous gas appliances found in the Summer than in the … Continue reading Gas Safety Week (17 – 23 September 2018)