We have been busy with ’emergency calls only’ during the last Lock-down, to help keep you safe. We are now servicing again, but please wear a Mask and keep your distance when we visit (and we will do the same).

THANK YOU for your patience.

Boris Johnson has recently released his 4 step plan to bring the UK out of lockdown:

March 8th: Schools/ College’s are returning. Care Homes can have a nominated visitor.
March 29th: Groups of 6 can meet (outdoors). Sports facilities open. We can Travel (outside our local areas).
April 12th: Non essential Retail, Gyms, Pools open.
May 17th: Indoor Hospitality/ Hotels can open, Groups of 6 (or 2 different households) can meet (indoors).
• June 21st: all legal limits on social contact will be removed. Other closed sectors of the economy open.

Fingers crossed (and providing we all play our part), we will get back to a ‘better ‘normal’ soon.

Why not get your boiler Serviced/ Repaired/ Replaced, if you are still working from home:
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Lets help to support our local businesses.

TOGETHER, we can create a wonderful community/ place to live.