Here are a few top tips to help you get the best out of your boiler during the Winter months:

  1. BOILER: Fire-up your Boiler before the weather gets cold. (ie leave it to run for an hour or so, to flag up any potential problems).
  2. SERVICE: Check if your Boiler needs a Service. This will ensure the parts and key components are in good working order. (An annual boiler Service is usually required under the boilers Warranty). Spring and Summer months are a great time to get your boiler serviced.
  3. PRESSURE: Check the Boiler pressure (this can have a big impact on performance and efficiency). The recommended level is between 1 and 1.5 bar. Click the HELP button above, to watch our video.
  4. RADIATORS: Ensure there is no air trapped in the radiators…..and bleed them if required. (The boiler pressure may need to be checked afterwards and topped-up, as bleeding the radiators can reduce the system pressure). Also check for leaks (use a piece of kitchen roll to gently wipe around the radiator fittings).
  5. FROZEN CONDENSATE PIPE: This can cause your boiler to suddenly stop working. You can defrost it by pouring warm (but not boiling) water over the outside pipe, or warm it by using a hot water bottle of microwaveable heat pack. Click the HELP button above, to watch our video.

Hopefully this will help you to get-by during the Winter months.