This is an annual event, to remind you of the importance of gas safety.

G20 are proud to be part of this annual event and have pledged our support in helping to keep the nation safe.

“Have you had YOUR boiler etc serviced in the last 12 months?”

What you can do:

  • Check you gas appliances are checked annually.
  • Check your engineer is Gas Safe Registered.
  • Check your engineer is qualified for the type of gas work that needs doing.
  • Ask to see your engineers ID card.
  • Alarmingly, the ‘Gas Safe Register’ identified that there were more dangerous gas appliances found in the Summer than in the Winter months.
  • Have you moved house and not yet had the boiler serviced (ie it is not a legal requirement to provide a valid boiler servicing record when you sell your home)
  • Please do not leave your loved-ones (young or old) in a house with unsafe gas appliances.
  • Unsafe gas appliances can be dangerous!  They can cause fires, gas escapes, explosions and CO poisoning.

To arrange a service on your gas appliances, please contact: G20 Gas Services

(its a great time to do this during the School Holidays, and you beat the Winter rush)

For more information about Gas Safety Week, please go to:

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